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Our elementary level follows the Progressive Education Method. We also use the Singapore Math Curriculum.

The Progressive Education’s main objective is to educate the "whole child" (physical, emotional and intellectual)

• Emphasis on learning by doing (experiential learning)
• Integrated curriculum focused on thematic units
• Strong emphasis on problem solving and critical thinking
• Group work and development of social skills
• Collaborative and cooperative learning projects
• Education for social responsibility and democracy
• Integration of community service and service learning projects into the daily curriculum
• Selection of subject content by looking forward to ask what skills will be needed in future society
• De-emphasis on textbooks in favor of varied learning resources
• Emphasis on life-long learning and social skills

School facilities

- Airconditioned classrooms
- Highly qualified Teachers
- Imported learning materials
- English as the medium of instruction
- Spacious play area
- Ideally located in the center of the city
- Comfortable waiting area

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Three's A Charm

Opening Remarks
3nd Moving Up Day
Kiddie Toes Montessori School
26 March, 2010

By: Divine May Flor Mercado- David
School Directress

They say that three’s a charm.

And I, together with the teachers of Kiddie Toes Montessori School, will definitely agree with that.

We have been blessed with a great and fruitful third year, here at KTMS. Building on the experiences and learning’s since April 2006, we have been successful in ensuring that the learners of KTMS are provided with quality education and holistic learning.

We can proudly say that our learners and movers are a cut above the rest, in all aspects of learning, not just in academics, but most especially in their emotional learning and social skills and involvement.

The previous years, I talked about how proud we are of our learners, of how far they’ve gone in their journey here at KTMS. Today, let me give you a glimpse of how lucky these learners are.

Learners who grow up in schools like KTMS are normally quite different from the students normally found in other schools. This difference is not simply in what they know and what they can do, it lies in their attitude and approach to learning and to life.

Montessori children are enthusiastic learners. They look upon their teachers as mentors, guides and friends. They have held onto the curiosity, creativity, and imagination that most children bring into the world. Unlike so many school children, they don't see school as boring, nor schoolwork as a burden.

Our learners are generally not fearful, nor sarcastic and cynical to their friends on the playground. I like to call them joyful scholars.

Your children, our learners, have grown up together in an atmosphere of warmth, kindness and respect. By now, most of your children are probably bonded quite closely to KTMS, their teachers, and their friends. This is their community. One of our goals is to create a community that has substance and depth, to gather together a group of parents, children, and teachers who share common values and form lasting friendships.

Students like them simply can never be replaced. KTMS hopes that you as their parents and guardians, can see what they are becoming, and can trace it to a large degree back to their experience thus far in Montessori. We hope that this realization will translate to these learners staying with the KTMS family.

Today, as we celebrate our third Moving Up day, we wish to assure you dear parents that we will continue further improve our efforts in providing tools and spaces for your children’s holistic and elevated learning. Aside from the inclusion of Singapore Math and Project Approach teaching methods, we will also use Singapore Science in our lower elementary teachings. These excellent methods of teaching, coupled with our relevant and interesting teaching innovations, our learners are assured of an excellent foundation and ultimately a bright future.

Congratulations to all the learners, especially the movers. You are truly our joyful scholars. You deserve all the love and support of your mommies and daddies, lolos and lolas, titos and titas, ates and kuyas and all your relatives and friends. Good job, kids!

Today, we invite everyone to join us in this celebration of learning. Be one with us! Have fun with us!

Thank you. And enjoy the charming story, the fairy tale that is Kiddie Toes Montessori.

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