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Our elementary level follows the Progressive Education Method. We also use the Singapore Math Curriculum.

The Progressive Education’s main objective is to educate the "whole child" (physical, emotional and intellectual)

• Emphasis on learning by doing (experiential learning)
• Integrated curriculum focused on thematic units
• Strong emphasis on problem solving and critical thinking
• Group work and development of social skills
• Collaborative and cooperative learning projects
• Education for social responsibility and democracy
• Integration of community service and service learning projects into the daily curriculum
• Selection of subject content by looking forward to ask what skills will be needed in future society
• De-emphasis on textbooks in favor of varied learning resources
• Emphasis on life-long learning and social skills

School facilities

- Airconditioned classrooms
- Highly qualified Teachers
- Imported learning materials
- English as the medium of instruction
- Spacious play area
- Ideally located in the center of the city
- Comfortable waiting area

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Family Day

Last January 31, 2009, the learners of Kiddie Toes Montessori School, and their parents and guardians gathered together to celebrate the annual Family Day.

This day was to celebrate the togetherness of all families, in whatever form they may be. Mommies, daddies, lolos, lolas, titas, titos, cousins and guardians joined the Kiddie Toes learners in Villa Alca.

There were games for both the adults and the children. Everyone had fun during this event.

One of the highlights of this activity was the game "Bag Embellishment". True to the theme of being earth-friendly and environment-conscious, Kiddie Toes teachers asked each family to embellish and decorate the white and plain cloth bags given to them. These bags were made out of flour sacks and containers.

Gabby Abad, the cute 4-year old from Junior Casa won the first price, as she showed the most beautiful decoration which was also very apt for the theme -- family togetherness.

After the games and presentations, the families enjoyed a delicious meal.